Kelsey Rogers
Designer. Collector. Storyteller.

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Designer, collector of stuff, maker of things


Hi there! I'm Kelsey.  Graphic designer, food waste activist, film enthusiast, sea glass collector. Born and raised in the outskirts of Boston, I moved to Bristol, RI to attend Roger Williams University where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design Communications, with minors in both Film Studies and American studies. 

I love working with my hands and I try to incorporate handcrafted elements into my designs when possible. In particular, I love textiles design. I believe a good designer shares many qualities with fabric and materials:  durable, versatile, and a universal necessity to all. Textiles are woven from a variety of elements. Without the endless intersections, the material would not withstand the test of time and use. I, too, am very versatile with many universal skills that provide flexibility to the types of projects I am capable of taking on. I offer a variety of talents of which I can call on to create unforgettable, conceptual designs that both captivate an audience and capture a message. With my intersectional skills set, my work will withstand the test of time and usefulness. An effective message will never expire!





Being both an artist and a major environmental activist, I never want to throw things away. I am always holding onto things with the intention of making something from it "someday." That someday came in the form of an assignment for a sustainability course. Tasked to create a useful product solely made from waste, I knew that I would use the old denim and other fabrics I had been hoarding under my bed.



Learning from just an image of a rug woven from old material, I built a loom in order to weave my own rug from strips of wasted textiles. Using two pairs of denim jeans that were torn in irreparable areas, as well as a single, ugly, curtain, I wove a complex, durable rug using only the waste material and yarn for the bordering fringe.



With both the woven rug, as well as the image of a burlap sack I acquired from a sustainably sourced coffee supplier, I created works of art that now adorn my business cards, resume, website, and even my bedroom floor.